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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Brothers Of Sirens - Live @ Chain Reaction(2012 Live-Album)

                                                      Released: February 17, 2012
The Brothers Of Sirens "Live @ Chain Reaction", official fourth release though Satanic Frost Records. Limited to 35 single jewel case Cd-r copies with front album cover. Will be available through the Internet Archives SOON.

(Trivia: The Brothers of Sirens were put on-Hold on August 3, 2012. They contributed a rehearsal recording of Masked Riders for the 2012 summer split that was released in June. Witch was one of the last things they participated in before being put on-Hold in August)

Track List
1. Masked Riders(Live)
2. The Betrayal(Live)
3. Triton's Call(Live)
4. The Brothers Of Sirens(Live)

Band Members
Anthony - Vocals(Tracks 2-4), Keyboards(Tracks 1-2)
Ezequiel - Vocals(Tracks 1-2) Guitars(Tracks 3-4) Bass(Tracks 1-2)
Javier - Bass(Tracks 3-4) Guitars(1-2)
Daniel - Drums(1-5)

Limited to 35 copies.

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