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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crystalmoon - Depth's Of Cold(2012 Demo)

                                                       Released: February 28, 2012
Crystalmoon's second & final release through Satanic Frost Records, Depth's Of Cold. Limited to 15 single jewel case Cd-r copies with front album cover. Available for free digital download at Internet Archives( or Here.
Sun-Dead productions is re-releasing Depths of Cold with a new album cover and reordered track list. Will be released December, 2013 on 5 white pro Cd-rs in single sleeve slips. And as a free digital download.

(Trivia: Crystalmoon signed to Throne Winter Records on July 6th, 2012 witch is
a Sub-Label to Satanic Frost Records. Crystalmoon split up August 3, 2012)

S.F.R release
Track List(Whole directory)
1. Freezing Cold(4.9 MB )
2. Silently Suffering(4.6 MB )
3. Knight Riders(2.0 MB )
Sun-Dead Productions release
1. Silently Suffering
2. Knight Riders
3. For this Addicting Pain

Band Members
Anthony - Vocals(Track 2), Keyboards(Tracks 1,3)
Ezequiel - Guitars(Track 2) Vocals(Track 3) - Session
Java - Guitars(Track 3) - Session
Daniel - Drums(2-3) - Session

Limited Amount 15 copies
(Out of Stock)

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