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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Abaddon's Abyss - Abaddon's Betrayal(2011 Split)

                                                      Released: December 3, 2011
Abaddon's Betrayal, 2011split with The Brothers Of Sirens and Abaddon's Abyss. Limited to 50 Copies split in the middle for each band. 25 Full-Jewel cases and 25 Single jewel cases split equally with front album cover. Is available for download through The Internet Archives: for free download.

Track List(Whole directory)
1. Brothers Of Sirens - The Betrayal(4.9 MB )
2. Brothers Of Sirens - Triton's Call(4.5 MB )
3. Abaddon's Abyss - Dying Kind(5.2 MB )

Band Members
(The Brothers of Sirens)
Anthony - Vocals, Keyboard, Lyrics(Abaddon's Abyss)
Java - Guitars
Zeke - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics(Abaddon's Abyss)
Daniel - Drums
(Abaddon's Abyss)
Zeke - Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics(T.B.O.S)
Anthony - Vocals(T.B.O.S)
Ben - Vocals
Bryan - Drums

(Trivia: Java played guitar for The Betrayal and Zeke played guitar for Triton's Call.
Dying Kind was taken from Abaddon's Abyss 2008 rehersal demo)

Limited to 25 copies
(Out Of  Stock)

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