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Friday, April 27, 2012

Baalberith - For The Glory Of Blasphemic Supremacy(2008 Album)

                                                        Released: June 30, 2010
Baalberiths first re-release through Satanic Frost Records " For The Glory of Blasphemic Supremacy" limited to 100 single jewel case Cd-r copies with front album cover. Was released June 30 2010. Is available through the Internet Archives: for free download. Last copy to be given away was on September 14, 2012.

Baalberith's 2008 Full-length album, For The Glory Of Blasphemic Supremacy. Self-released by the band in 2008.  In the winter of 2011 Depressive Illusions Records Re-released this album on tape, amount of 100 copies. Is available for free digital download at Internet Archives( or Here.

Band: Baalberith
Album: For The Glory Of Blasphemic Supremacy
Year of release: 2008

Track List(
Whole directory)
1. For the glory of blasphemic supremacy(9.4 MB )
2. Bleeding The 5000(10.6 MB )
3. Darkness That Comes Before(14.6 MB )
4. Black Metal War(8.7 MB )
5. Bleached Bones(8.4 MB )
6. Countess Bathory(Venom Cover)(6.3 MB )

Line up:
Razakel - Vocals
Eligos - Bass
Valefar - Drums
Adramalech - Guitar

Recorded at : P.A, Hykeham

Buy this album: (Split with Colossloth) [£2]

Official Pages:

Limited to 100 single jewel case copies

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