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Friday, June 29, 2012

Solveris - Tunes From The Dungeon(2012 Demo)

                                                        Released: October 28, 2012
 First re-release through Satanic Frost Records. Solveris "Tunes From The Dungeon" Was released in October of 2012. Limited to 33 single jewel case copies with front album cover. Self-released by the band February 2012. Will be available for free digital download through the Internet Archives 2013. Is also available through the band (Available for EUR 2,70 (incl. International Shipping) or free download:

 Track List
1. Archia
 2. Out of Darkness
3. Jabberwocky
4. Portia
5. Under a Birch

 Band Members
 Raoul - Guitars/Vocals/Artwork
Christian R - Bass
Heiko H - Drums/Vocals(Clean)

 Limited to 33 Copies
(Re-stocking 2013)
(28 copies Left)

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