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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darkmaggedon Kult - Sun Without Light(2012 Demo)

                                                   Released: October 25, 2012
First re-release through S.F.R. Darkmaggedon Kult "Sun Without Light" that was released in October of 2012. Limited to 33 single jewel case copies with front album cover. The re-release comes with a bonus track and a reordered track list. Self-released by the band June 4th, 2012. This raw recorded demo shows that true Black Metal is still alive and kicking. Influenced styles of the early 1990's Black Metal.

Track List
1. Mayhem (Sepultura cover)
2. Sun without light
3. Ea, Lord of The Depths(Burzum Cover)
4. Horror Trance
5. Worship
6. Wolves(Marduk Cover Live) - Bonus Track

Band Members
NysbanNysbanelmoughche - Vocals,lyrics
Lord Voltan - Guitar
Ashal - Bass
Oughuryn - Drums

Limited To 33 Copies
(5 copies-in-stock)

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