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Monday, February 13, 2012

Blood Stream - R.I.P(2011 Demo)

Bloodstream's second official and final demo release though Satanic Frost Records, R.I.P. Limited to 25 single jewel case Cd'r copies with front album cover. Released October 27th, 2011. Bloodstream split up in May, 2011. Is available for free digital download at Internet Archives( or here.

Track List(Whole directory)
1. For Whom The Bell Tolls(Live Cover)(4.2 MB )
2. Arpertura(4.8 MB )
3. Shattered Dreams(4.9 MB )

Band Members
Anthony - Vocals, Lyrics
Jose - Guitar, Lyrics
Sam - Guitar(#1)
Edgar - Bass(#2)
Octavio - Bass(#1)
Carlos Drums(#1)
Daniel - Drums(#2)

Track #3 Shattered Dreams featured Jose and Anthony only, Jose on Guitar and Anthony doing Vocals.

Limited to 25 Cd-r copy's.
(Out Of Stock)

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