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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kingdom Dammed(2012 Split)

                                                       Released: June 25, 2012
Kingdom Dammed 2012 split featuring Razakel Krieg, XUL, Holy Wrath, and The Brothers of Sirens. Was released June 25th, 2012, limited to 25 single jewel case copies with front album cover. Will be available for free digital download through the internet archives in 2013. Due to complications Malbeth was not featured on this split, and a reissued album cover was made to blackout Malbeth. All copies have been officially given away.

Razakel Krieg
1. Alone In The Darkness
2. The End of My Life
3. God Save The Queen
Holy Wrath
4. Beginning of The Wrath(Instrumental)
The Brothers Of Sirens
5. Masked Riders

Band Line Up
(Razakel Krieg)
Razakel - Vocals, All Instruments
Anthony - Vocals
Ezequiel - Guitars
Daniel - Drums
(Holy Wrath)
Javier - Guitar, Drum Programming
(The Brothers of Sirens)
Anthony - Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics
Ezequiel - Vocals, Bass
Javier - Guitars
Daniel - Drums

Limited To 25 Copies