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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Malbeth - Malbeth(2013 Demo)

                                                                Coming March 2013
Malbeths upcoming self-titled 2013 demo, first release though Satanic Frost Records. Cd-r release is canceled. But will be available for free digital download March 6, 2013.

Band Member
Anthony - Keyboard, Mixing, Album Cover

Track List:
1. Malbeth's Prophecy
2. Hermoor A Helfero(Burzum Cover)
3. Returning North
4. Illa Tioandi(Burzum Cover)
5. North Stars

Limited to 20 copies


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    1. Thank you for the offer Raul. I'll let the other bands now about your offers. I'm sure they will appreciate the help.